Internat. Association of Parliamentarians for Peace

Bildergebnis für International Association of Parliamentarians for PeaceBildergebnis für International Association of Parliamentarians for PeaceBildergebnis für International Association of Parliamentarians for PeaceBildergebnis für International Association of Parliamentarians for PeaceBildergebnis für International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace

Parliamentarians play a central role in nations throughout the world, representing the people, respecting the rule of law, and upholding human rights; in effect, parliamentarians work to build safe, secure, stable and peaceful societies.

The “International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace” has been launched as a worldwide association of parliamentarians which provides a forum to bring their experience and wisdom to bear in the search for solutions to our world’s problems. Parliamentarians from around the world have offered their remarks on the importance of their work and the value of increased cooperation and collaboration in the search for innovative solutions to some of the critical issues that we face on the local, national, regional and global levels, from climate change to the rise of extremist ideologies to humanitarian disasters and conflict. 

Interfaith Peacebuilding


This age of globalization needs enlightened leaders in each faith who can examine their sacred writings and traditions and identify the aspects that can benefit all humanity as well as those that preserve each religion's identity. UPF calls on people of faith to honor the Divine indwelling in a way that encourages understanding, respect, and cooperation among people of all faiths for the well-being of our communities and peace in the world.

Peace and Security

Peace and Security

UPF acknowledges the need for careful and proportionate use of power, including political, economic, military and civil society power to sustain lasting peace. However, we strongly emphasize "soft power" solutions as essential to peacebuilding. A leading exponent of “track two” diplomacy, UPF emphasizes the role and responsibility of religious and spiritual leaders to transcend historical self-interest and pursue the ideal of “One family under God.”

Goal: Increase dialogue and understanding between parties in conflict
Methods: Consultations among scholars, diplomats, government officials, civil society representatives, and religious leaders; people-to-people diplomacy

United Nations Relations

United Nations Relations

UPF is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The Universal Peace Federation promotes:

  • Interfaith understanding
  • Sustainable development
  • Marriage and family
  • Mediation of conflict
  • Women's empowerment
  • Revitalization of the UN

UPF supports the goals of the UN with programs on occasions such as:

Marriage and Family

Marriage and Family

Much of the success and fulfillment in life depends on creating healthy relationships, yet this is one of the most challenging tasks. Through the marriage and family movement, many educational programs and approaches have been developed to give people the knowledge and skills for creating successful relationships. See UPF's Statement on Families.

Peace Education & Human Development

Peace Education and Human Development<

UPF's seminars and leadership conferences focus on the urgent need for new vision and leadership based on core values and universal principles of peacebuilding.

UPF advocates the incorporation of character education and peace education in schools. Its Discovering the Real Me comprehensive character education curriculum consists of easy-to-follow textbooks and teacher manuals.

Youth and Service

Youth and Service

One of UPF's core principles is living for the sake of others. UPF promotes this through a variety of experiential-learning activities that cultivate good character, build friendships among diverse people, mentor young leaders, teach good sportsmanship and alleviate suffering.