International Year for People of African Descent   


The Cultural Plurality of Afro-Descendants as a Social Contribution to the World


Vienna, Austria – Mrs. Queila Rosa Panstingl, president of the Afro-Brazilian NGO ABRASA, was appointed as an “Ambassador for Peace” by the Universal Peace Federation on October 22nd 2011 during the conference “The Cultural Plurality of Afro-Descendants as a Social Contribution to the World” which was organized in response to the United Nations announcement of 2011 as the International Year for People of African Descent. She was recognized for her outstanding work of bringing the spirit of Afro-Brazilian Culture to Austria, strengthening the ties between the two countries and even the cultures of the continents of Europe and South America. She was also recognized for her social involvement with Brazilians who knock at her door, when they are in need with all sorts of problems being at the level of the family, with their visa situation or of another kind. Her heart and her doors are open 24 hours.




At the end of the conference Mr. Letieres Leite, who was giving us an insight into his research on Afro-Brazilian Music as well as a taste of his music was also appointed as an “Ambassador for Peace” for his outstanding contribution to this unique Brazilian cultural heritage and also for the establishment of the successful Orchestra Rumpilezz. He was on a visit to Europe with his orchestra performing at the Europalia, a major international arts festival held every two years to celebrate one invited country’s cultural heritage, which was Brazil in 2011.




Among the contributors to the conference was Dr. Leo Gabriel, one of the leading Austrian experts on Central and South America and Mag. Damian Agbogbe, who is the coordinator of the Conference for Integration, a network of NGOs addressing the challenges of Austrian citizens with migration background. Roraima Gutierrez, who had come from Venezuela, spoke on the dangerous phenomenon of “Endoracism”, when Afro-Descendants in her country feel shame for their background and even denounce it. A delegation of Venezuelians attended the conference led by HE Alí De Jesús Uzcategui Duque, Ambassador to Austria and the International organizations in Vienna.




There is a plan to continue the cooperation between the ABRASA and the Universal Peace Federation in Austria and later hopefully also in Brazil in line with ABRASA’s plan to organize CarnaVienna in 2012, a festival which envisions to bring the original spirit of the Bahia Carnival to Vienna, the city of music, by organizing a conference, cultural events and an exhibition promoting tourism in Bahia and all Brazil.


Peter Haider, President, Universal Peace Federation Austria


Die kulturelle Vielfalt der Afro-Abstammenden als sozialer Beitrag für die Welt


Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011, ab 14:00 Uhr


Seidengasse 28 im Hof rechts, 1070 Wien


14:00 Begrüßungskaffee:

Begrüßung: Queila Rosa und Peter Haider


15:00 ALL THE DREAMS Afro-Brasilianisches Sozialforum: Moderation - Leo Gabriel


         Damian Agbogbe (AFRODIA) und  Stephanie Njideka (Verein Pamoja)

As perspectivas políticas para a população negra e sua nova geração em 2011- Ano Internacional dos Afrodescendentes

Die politischen Perspektiven für die schwarze Bevölkerung und deren neuer Generation im Jahr 2011- Das Jahr der Afro-Abstammenden in der Welt


Queila Rosa Panstingl und Maria Olabe (ABRASA)

Projeto “Portrayal of black people in the media around the world”.  A imagem do afrodescendente nos veículos de comunicação e publicidade

Projekt “Portrayal of black people in the media around the world”. Das Image der Afro-Abstammenden in den Medien und der Werbung


Leiteres Leites

A cultura afro-brasileira como instrumento para a preservação e afirmação para os jovens afrodescendentes no Mundo

Die afro-brasilianische Kultur als Instrument für den Schutz und die Selbstbestätigung für die jungen Afro-Abstammenden in der Welt


17:00 Pause


Roraima Gutierrez

A presença do endoracismo como fenômeno  de auto negação em alguns jovens negros

Endorassismus als  gefährliche Phänomene der Selbstleugnung bei manchen schwarzen Jugendlichen.



De uma cultura da violência a uma cultura da paz

Von einer Kultur der Gewalt zu einer Kultur des Friedens


18:30  Buffet


19:30  ALL THE DREAMS Kulturfest


Workshop: Afrobrasilianische Kultur - Musik, Rhythmen und Perkussion

Letieres Leite, Leiter der Orchesters Rumpilezz aus Salvador de Bahia, Brasilien


Workshop: Afro-brasilianische Tanz Performance

Onylé (Afro-Brasilianischer Tanz)


Photoaustellung: Blocos afros e negros


Weitere Infos:

Peter HAIDER, Präsident der UPF Austria Tel.: +43 (0)650 2588846; E-Mail:

Queila ROSA, Präsidentin des Vereins ABRASA; Tel.: +43 (0)650 5964999