Peace Tour 2006 in Europe


Sat. 01. July - Malta; Sun. 02. July - Poland; Mon. 03. July - Romania; Tue. 04. July - Slovakia; Wed. 05. July - Hungary; Thu. 06. July - Bosnia Herzegovina; Fri. 07. July - Albania; Sat. 08. July - Croatia; Sun. 09. July - Switzerland; Mon. 10. July - Czech Republic; Tue. 11. July - Denmark; Wed. 12. July - Slovenia; Thu. 13. July - Ireland; Fri. 14. July – The Nederlands; Sat. 15. July - United Kingdom



Following the inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation in New York on September 12th 2005, Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon have visited 67 nations and 100 cities until December 24th. The tour was a remarkable success and greatly energised and advanced the Federation's work in the nations visited. World leaders welcomed them with unprecedented warmth and honour and everywhere they went the profound message of peace that they brought was received with great respect. In several nations they were welcomed like visiting Heads of State and introduced by some of the nation's highest dignitaries. 

They spoke in 13 European capitals and even amended their tour schedule to return to Europe and held the inauguration of the Federation on the European level in a special convocation of 1,200 European leaders in Geneva, Switzerland.

Since this they have redoubled their efforts for peace in key trouble spots such as  the Middle East and the divided Korean Peninsula and are also more committed than ever to the resolution of such pressing problems as poverty, family breakdown, HIV/AIDS prevention, youth alienation, interreligious and interracial conflict, UN reform and human rights abuse.

For the founders the Federation has a key role to play in resolving all these problems and women have a very special role in fostering all aspects of World Peace. Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon has therefore begun a follow up tour to further reinforce their message and to give added impetus to the Federation's development. Mrs. Moon's will be supported by a number of the couple's 13 children, especially their sons.

Mrs. Moon will speak on the topic "Gods ideal family and peace kingdom" and will also preside over a special marriage rededication ceremony for all those who wish to participate. Cultural performances will round up the event.

We very much look forward to seeing you at this occasion.

Sincerely yours,  


Peter Haider, Föderation für Weltfrieden - UPF Austria


European Invitational Committee

Mr. Gaqo Apostoli, Albania

Dr. Emmanuel Bandouvas, Greece

Rev. Dr. Clinton Bennett, United Kingdom

Dr. Emmanuel Bezzina, Malta

Rev. Joseph Binguimalé, France

Prof. Dr. Christian Brünner, Austria

Prof. Dr. Francis Dessart, Belgium

Dr. Nihad Fahmy, Switzerland

Prof. Maria Chiara Forcella, Italy

Dr. Ejup Ganic, Bosnia Herzegovina
Mr. Joseph Grima, Malta
Amb. Robert Harencár, Slovakia

Rev. Dr. David Hart, United Kingdom
Prof. Dr. Johannes Heinrichs, Germany

Amir Mohammed Herzog, Germany

Dr. Josef Hromádka, Czech Republic

Prof. Milan Kalal, Czech Republic

Mrs. Khadidja Khali, France

Lord Tarsem King, United Kingdom

Mr. Jaromir Kohlicek, Czech Republic

Dr. Eva Latham, The Netherlands

Dr. Antonio Laurenzano, Italy

Prof. Ernö Lazarovits, Hungary

Prof. Joaquim Letria, Portugal

Dr. Bozidar Matic, Bosnia  Herzeg.

Prof. Dr.Rexhep Meidani, Albania

Prof. Roger Mellet, France

Dr. Sonia Mendes, Portugal

Imam Khalil Merroun, France

Rev. Lauri Oinonen, Finland

Prof. K. Pakbaz, France

H.E. Charalambos Papadopoulos, Greece

Imam Abdul Wahid Pedersen, Denmark

Prof. Dr. Bertil Persson, Sweden

Dr. Elke Preusser-Franke, Germany

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Redhardt, Germany

Dr. Zia Rizvi, France

Dr. Achim Rohde, Germany 

Mr. Mario J. Saban, Spain

Iman Dr. Abduljalil Sajid, United Kingdom

Dr. Yvonne von Stedingk, Switzerland

Dr. Marco Tarle, Croatia

Lama Tashi Tzering, Italy

H.E. Radu Vasile, Romania

Prof. Chris Vonck, Belgium

Mr. Bernard Zamaron, Luxembourg