Culture of Peace


Culture of Peace: Scientific Approach
( This website provides the key research and action papers from David Adams, the director of the United Nations International Year for the Culture of Peace (2000), and from the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace called for by the UN Resolution for a Culture of Peace.  




Die Welt der Mandana Alavi Kia


Hazar Mirzo / Fotograf Andreas Schöberl

Palmyra - Orientalisches Tanzstudio

Culture of Peace
Find out how the United Nations define the Culture of Peace and how a global movement is developing in the framework of the International Decade (2001-2010).


Ensemble Pour la Paix


TA MA MU (der tanzende Pinsel)





Pallawatsch | Klezmer



Stimmen für den Frieden

World Project "Lights" - Frizzey Greif aus Prutz in Tirol

Friedensgala (Elea Orly)