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PEACE ROAD - FRIEDENSREISE nach Kroatien, Serbien und Bosnien-Herzegowina
(6.-10. September 2019: Wien - Zagreb - Orasje - Belgrad - Srebrenica - Sarajevo - Bihac - Wien) Ziel: Frieden, Versöhnung, Kulturaustausch, Freundschaft und Gerechtigkeit. Organisation: Frauenforum Mimosen, Universal Peace Federation, Frauenföderation für Weltfrieden.    weiter...


The ancient science of Kriya Yoga
(Mittwoch, 4. September 2019 um 18:30, Blutgasse 3, 1010 Wien, IAPD Europe and Middle East, c/o Peace Museum Vienna) We are delighted to invite you to an informative lecture on Kriya Yoga by Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji - spiritual head of Kriya Yoga international organizations. He is an established author, humanitarian and speaker on major holy scriptures of world religions. He addressed the Parliament of World Religions in Cape Town, South Africa in 1999.   weiter...


Gedenkfeier zum 7. Jahrestag der Seong Hwa Zeremonie von Rev. Sun Myung Moon
(Sonntag, 25. August 2019 um 10:00 Uhr, 1070 Wien, Seidengasse 28 im Hof rechts) "Seonghwa" bedeutet so viel wie "himmlische Harmonie", womit der Übergang von der irdischen in die ewige, geistige Welt gemeint ist. Vor 7 Jahren hat Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon mit 92 Jahren unsere physische Welt verlassen. Programm: Lieder und musikalische Beiträge, Bericht von den Feierlichkeiten in Korea, Persönliche Erinnerungen, Ansprachen von Ehrengästen.   weiter...

Mein Leben für den Weltfrieden


Einladung: 100 Jahre Unabhängigkeit Afghanistans
(Afghan Wulas, Kultur- und Sportverein am Sonntag, 18.August 2019 ab 16:00 in der VHS Donaustadt, Bernoullistr. 1, 1220 Wien) Podiumsdiskussion über politische Entwicklungen, Live Konzert, Afghanischer Nationaltanz, Fotoausstellung, Afghanisches Essen.   weiter...


Launch of the Initiative "Culture for peace"
UPF's Austria Initiative 'Culture for peace' was launched on 4th July 2019 in the IAPD office of UPF Europe, which is connected to Peace Museum Vienna. An introduction to the objectives of the initiative were presented by Mr. Peter Haider, UPF Austria President and Dr. Sofija Bajrektarevic, Program Director of 'Culture for Peace'. Ms. Anela Cindrak and her sister Dzejla took the audience on brief musical journeys.    weiter...


UPF Delegation meets with Pope Francis at Vatican
Vatican City - A delegation from UPF International had a private meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis at the pope's office in the Vatican. The delegation consisted of Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, the chair of UPF International, Dr. Tageldin Hamad, vice president of UPF International, and H.E. Hisham Badr, the ambassador of Egypt to Italy and the president of the World Food Programme Executive Board. The thirty-minute meeting took place on July 1, 2019, in the pope's office around a simple desk with His Holiness, the UPF delegates, and an interpreter.   weiter...


Youth & Students for Peace (YSP) - What can I do for peace?
On June 26 2019 YSP Austria organized the first Information and discussion evening about YSP in Vienna, which took place in the office of IAPD Europe that is connected to Peace Museum Vienna. The topic we set for this event was: "What can I do for Peace?"   weiter...

Peace Starts with Me - Vienna Youth Assembly


Economic Potentials and Opportunities in Afghanistan
(Dienstag, 25. Juni 2019, 18:30, Seidengasse 28 im Hof rechts, 1070 Wien) The Austria-Afghanistan Society in cooperation with UPF and VIDC cordially invites you to a panel discussion: In times of protracted crises, armed conflicts, deteriorating security and peace talks in Afghanistan, this panel discussion is focusing on an underestimated, but very important topic: The economy crisis in Afghanistan that has severe implications for the population and is directly related to human security. In this context, the panelists are not only focusing on the big economic picture, but in particular on potentials and opportunities for the population, exploring bottom-up approaches, alternative livelihoods, remittances and how to make a living with small businesses.   weiter...


Peace Road 2019 - Gemeinsam ein Zeichen setzen auf einer Sternfahrt im Ennstal
Zum dritten Mal konnte am 22. Juni 2019 UPF OÖ in Kooperation mit den drei Gemeinden St. Ulrich bei Steyr, Ternberg und Reichraming und deren politischen Vertretern den Peace Road organisieren und durchführen, diesmal als Sternfahrt und von zwei Orten gleichzeitig gestartet. Eine Gruppe sammelte sich vor dem Friedensdenkmal in St. Ulrich, die zweite Gruppe vor der Friedensbrücke in Reichraming.   weiter...


Aura-Lesung mit Rael Godoy aus Brasilien
Am 14. Juni 2019 war Rael Godoy, ein Aura-Lesung-Therapeut aus der Inkiri Piracanga-Gemeinschaft im brasilianischen Atlantikwald, bei der Universal Peace Federation zu Gast in Wien. Er berichtete über seinen Lebensweg, der in nach einem Studium der Internationale Entwicklung in Wien über ein Musikstudium in Brasilien in dieses Ökodorf führte, wo er jetzt als Musiker und Therapeut arbeitet, um Werkzeuge und Lebensstiländerungen mitzuteilen, die uns zur Entdeckung unserer Lebensziele ermächtigen.    weiter...


Horn of Africa & Middle East - Perspectives for Peace and Development
On 12. Juni 2019 UPF Austria organized a roundtable discussion in the IAPD office which is connected to Peace Museum Vienna on the topic "Horn of Africa & Middle East - Perspectives for Peace and Development". The main speaker was Mr. Hashem Mandee, a Iraq-born journalist, who worked as an editor at Radio Free Iraq / Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty in Prague. Then he moved to the USA and worked there for Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa in Virginia, USA as a Broadcaster.   weiter...


Building a Peaceful and Prosperous Africa Centered on Universal Values
Johannesburg, South Africa - The Africa Summit and Leadership Conference 2019 convened June 7 and 8, 2019, at the Hilton Sandton Hotel under the theme "Building a Peaceful and Prosperous Africa Centered on Universal Values." More than 450 participants representing 60 nations, including many former heads of state and government, parliamentarians and religious leaders from all faith traditions, attended the event.   weiter...


Österreichisch-Bosnisch-Herzegowinischer Kulturabend
Am 7. Juni 2019 lud das Frauenforum "Mimosen" gemeinsam mit UPF Austria und der Frauenföderation für Weltfrieden zu einem Österreichisch-Bosnisch-Herzegowinischer Kulturabend unter dem Motto "Begegnung durch Kunst und Musik - Susret kroz umjetnost i muziku" ein. Es war eine gelungene Veranstaltung mit mehr als 150 Gästen, die sich sichtlich wohlgefühlt haben und ein facettenreiches Programm geboten bekamen.    weiter...


Inauguration of the UPF Chapter in Burgenland, the most Eastern federal state of Austria
On June 5th 2019 a local chapter of UPF-Austria was inaugurated in Parndorf, a small town in the eastern part of Austria, Burgenland. Johann and Yoon Ja Rechberger, who had moved to Parndorf 18 years ago, built a stable foundation with the local community by developing a Nordic Walking club and involving themselves in the local political work. The inauguration of UPF was supported by several local city counsellors, members of the Nordic Walking Club and other clubs of the town.   weiter...


International Day of Families 2019 - Vienna Celebration
On the occasion of the "International Day of Families" the Universal Peace Federation, the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Austrian Family Federation for World Peace organized on May 17th 2019 in Vienna a conference on the topic "Family as the Basis of a Sustainable Future", which was attended by 50 guests.   weiter...


Vesakh - Gedenktag an Geburt, Erleuchtung und Tod des Buddha
(Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2019 um 18:30, Blutgasse 3, 1010 Wien, c/o Peace Museum Vienna) Referent: Gerhard Weißgrab, Präsident der Österr. Buddhistischen Religionsgesellschaft.   weiter...


Perspectives for Sustainable Peace and Development in the Horn of Africa
On March 20th 2019, at the Vienna International Center (UN) in Vienna, UPF co-sponsored a conference on Peace and Development in the Horn of Africa, which was organized by the permanent mission of Eritrea to the UN in Vienna. 200 guests attended the event. The conference was organized on the foundation of the dramatic change that took place in the Horn of Africa, when the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea, on July 9th 2018, signed a declaration ending the state of war between the two countries.   weiter...

30-Jähriges Jubiläum - 30th Anniversary - HORN OF AFRICA NEWS AGENCY


100th anniversary of the Korean Independence Movement and reports on the World Summit 2019 in Seoul
70 guests attended on March 7th 2019 an evening organized by UPF-Austria in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Korean Independence Movement. Additionally there were reports about the World Summit 2019 in Seoul.   weiter...

Koreanische Unabhängigkeisbewegung vom 1. März 2019


World Summit 2019 in Seoul, Korea - Inauguration of the International Summit Council for Peace
UPF World Summit 2019 on "Peace, Security and Human Development" was held from February 8 to 11 in Seoul, South Korea. 1200 participants including 40 current and former heads of state and government from 110 nations attended.   weiter...

World Summit 2019 Discusses Korean Reunification
Hon. Lee Nak Yon, prime minister, Republic of Korea spoke about the relations between ROK and North Korea since the Olympic Games, including the Inter-Korean summits, the North Korea-U.S. Singapore Summit in June and the upcoming summit in Vietnam.    weiter...


World Summit 2019: Sunhak Peace Prize Award Ceremony
This year, the prize was awarded based on the theme "Peace and Human Development in Africa". Laureate Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, president of the African Development Bank, has promoted a vision of good governance for African nations. Laureate Waris Dirie has improved the rights of millions of girls and women by leading a campaign to eradicate the tragic act of female genital mutilation.    weiter...


Kalmyk Cultural Evening
Am 28. Februar 2019 folgten an die 100 Gäste einer Einladung der Föderation für Weltfrieden, die gemeinsam mit dem Kulturverein KultEurasia eine kalmykischen Abend veranstaltete. Kalmykien liegt im europäischen Teil Russlands an der Nordwestküste des Kaspischen Meeres und besteht hauptsächlich aus Steppe. Die Kalmücken sind das einzige buddhistische, mongolisch sprachige Volk innerhalb der geografischen Grenzen Europas.    weiter...



World Interfaith Harmony Week: Migration and Interreligious Understanding in the Age of Globalization
Vienna International Centre (UN Building), Austria - 200 guests attendend on February 1st 2019 a conference on the theme "Migration and Interreligious Understanding in the Age of Globalization" commemorating the The World Interfaith Harmony Week, which was first proposed at the UN General Assembly in 2010 by H.M. King Abdullah II of Jordan. It was unanimously adopted by the UN and is henceforth observed annually during the the first week of February.   weiter...

One Book For Peace
An initiative by the Interreligious Council in Bosnia & Herzegovina created with the help of renowned journalist Mirnes Kovac and two theologians.   weiter...


World Interfaith Harmony Week
Annual UN Observance Week: Feb. 1-7. UPF Austria celebrated the World Interfaith Harmony Week for several years in the Vienna International Centre (United Nations).   weiter...

2017: Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Conflict Zones - The Role of Religions

2016: Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Syria and the Middle East - The Role of Religions

2015: The Importance of Interfaith Cooperation for Securing Peace in the 21st Century

2014: The Role of Religions in promoting a Culture of Peace


Konferenz zum Thema Afghanistan: Wer sind die Hazara?
150 Gäste kamen auf Einladung von Hazara World und der Universal Peace Federation Austria am 15.1. 2019 zu einer Konferenz mit dem Thema "Afghanistan: Wer sind die Hazara?". Es sprachen Experten, die aus verschiedenen europäischen Ländern angereist waren.   weiter...


'Peace Starts with Me'-Weihnachtsfeier mit Rückblick auf 2018
Mehr als 100 Gäste folgten am Sonntagnachmittag des 16. Dezember 2018 einer Einladung der Föderation für Weltfrieden - UPF Austria zur "Peace Starts with Me"-Weihnachtsfeier mit Rückblick auf die Aktivitäten im Jahre 2018. Mit dem Ensemble Cindrak (Akkordeon und Geige) und dem Vienna Peace Choir.   weiter...


UPF Holds Human Rights Conference in European Parliament
Strasbourg, France - To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the historic Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Universal Peace Federation convened in the European Parliament on December 12, 2018, two panels of eminent scholars, human rights activists and practitioners to consider the theme "Europe and the Future of Human Rights."   weiter...


Asia Pacific Summit Convenes in Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal - The first UPF Asia Pacific Summit 2018 was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from November 30 to December 3, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The theme of the summit was "Addressing the Critical Challenges of Our Time: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values." This was the seventh and concluding in a summit series which started in January in Senegal (West Africa) and has been held in various regions of the world throughout the year.   weiter...


Africa Summit: Honoring the Legacy of President Nelson Mandela
Cape Town, South Africa - On November 21 through 24, 2018, the international conference on "Peace and Human Development in Africa" hosted by UPF and the Royal House of Mandela, took place at the International Convention Center. The summit provided a platform to honor the legacy of President Nelson Mandela during this centennial celebration year (1918-2018) and to exchange views on current critical issues. Attending were 700 participants from throughout Africa, including former heads of state, government ministers, speakers and members of parliament, religious leaders and prominent traditional rulers.   weiter...


Africa Interactive - Connecting to Africa's Past via Smart Media
To use state of the art technology to gather, aggregate, and disseminate compact information pertinent to the preservation of Africa's vast cultural heritage - from Africa and around the world - and to make this information accessible via smart media to young Africans and all of us.   weiter...

High-Level Forum Africa-Europe: "Taking cooperation to the digital age"

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