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Pakistan's New Role between China and Europe - Opportunities and Challenges of China's Silk Road Projects
(Tuesday, 29th May 2018 at 18.30, AIES, Tivoligasse. 73a, 1120 Wien - Julius-Raab-Halle) Public discussion with H.E. Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Introduction: Brigadier Walter Feichtinger, Head, Institut für Friedenssicherung und Konfliktmanagement. Moderation: Dr. Werner Fasslabend, Former Defence Minister & President, AIES.   weiter...


Toward Interdependence and Mutual Prosperity: The Role of Religious Leaders and Parliamentarians
UPF-Europe, Vienna - The Universal Peace Fedeation organized from April 28-29, 2018 in Parkhotel Schönbrunn an International Leadership Conference. Over 200 religious leaders, parliamentarians and NGO representatives from Europe including Russia, Middle East, Africa, United States, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries participated.   weiter...


Interreligious Association for Peace and Development for Europe and the Middle East
UPF-Europe, Vienna - The Inauguration of IAPD for Europe and the Middle East was an integral part of the ILC. It is time for humanity to embrace universally shared values, going beyond differences of ideology, race, nationality and religion, and pursue a path of mutual cooperation and mutual prosperity.    weiter...


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PEACE STARTS WITH ME - Peace & Family Festival of Dance, Music and Inspiration
(April 29th 2018 - Wiener Stadthalle) Longfield Gospel Choir - Shadow Dance Attraction - Spark - Nevena Bozovic - Yolanda Adams, Inspiration: Hak-Ja Han Moon. In our current globalized world where we are confronted with daily tragedies it is easy to feel overwhelmed and disempowered. The Peace & Family Festival brings together people from all over Europe and the Middle East. Through a celebration of arts, music and inspirational words we will highlight the diversity and creative power of our generation. Together we want to create a culture of peace. After all, "Peace starts with me."   weiter...


Parliamentarians for Peace launched in Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal - On April 13, 2018 the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) was inaugurated in Portugal at a conference held in the national parliament. Approximately 100 parliamentarians and other dignitaries attended the conference, "Perspectives for Sustainable Peace in Europe and the World: The Responsibility of Parliamentarians." The Portuguese chapters of UPF and Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) jointly organized the event.   weiter...


Islam in Europa - Gedenkveranstaltung für Dr. Smail Balic (1920-2002)
Die Föderation für Weltfrieden veranstaltete am 6. April 2018 im Gedenken an Dr. Smail Balic (1920-2002) ein Symposium mit dem Thema "Islam in Europa". Beitragende waren DI Siradj Duhan, Präsident der Gesellschaft Bosnischer Akademiker, OA Dr. Davud Bajramovic und Dr. Salim ef. Hadzic, islamischer Religionspädagoge. Smail Balic war ein österreichischer Kultur- und Religionswissenschaftler sowie Bibliothekar bosnischer Herkunft. Er plädierte für einen Islam, der die demokratischen und pluralistischen Gesellschaften Europas bereichern könnte. Jenseits des heute oft mit religiösem Fanatismus und politischem Radikalismus gleichgesetzten Islam zeichnete Balic das Bild einer toleranten, konsensfähigen und weltoffenen Religion.   weiter...


Spirit of Optimism Evident at International Leadership Conference in Korea
Seoul, Korea - More than 550 experts and officials from over 90 countries met at the 2018 UPF International Leadership Conference (ILC). Two UPF initiatives were featured during the conference: the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) and the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD).   weiter...


Building a World of Lasting Peace: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values
On March 13th 2018 UPF Austria organized an evening with a report by Dr. Slawomir Redo from ACUNS Vienna, who participated in UPF International Leadership Conference 2018, which was held from February 18 to 21 in Seoul, Korea.    weiter...


Parliamentarians from 70 countries hope that the 2018 Winter Olympics will help to resolve Korean North-South relations
Seoul, Korea - International Leadership Conference: Beyond the Pyeongchang Olympic Games, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and the 2022 Winter Olympics in China will stimulate relations between the leaders and national parliaments of Korea, China and Japan, with a view to furthering the prosperity of Northeast Asia and the realization of world peace.    weiter...


New Africa: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values
Report on the Africa Summit 2018 by Mr. Jacques Marion from Paris, France, Vice President, Universal Peace Federation Europe. With Africa's unique cultural heritage and rich human and natural resources, the summit's goal was to discuss the crucial issues of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values, and to search for solutions to common issues facing the continent's 1.7 billion inhabitants and 54 nations.   weiter...


Africa Summit 2018 in Senegal
Dakar, Senegal - Approximately 1200 participants, including heads of state and government from all the continent, attended the Africa Summit 2018, Jan. 18-19, 2018.   weiter...

(tv5mondeplus) Nouvelle Afrique: interdependance, prospeite mutuelle et valeurs universelles


Interreligious Celebration - World Interfaith Harmony Week
Vienna - February 11th 2018: UPF Austria, the Family Federation and then Women's Federation organized an Interreligious Service commemorating the World Interfaith Harmony Week, which concluded with a World Peace Blessing. Over 200 people from various cultures, races and religions attended the event.   weiter...


The Relevance of Religion in Peacebuilding
The post-Cold War era has been a time of religious resurgence, a time when religious actors move out of the shadows. Hand in hand is an awareness that secularization, a process linked to modernization and the primacy of scientific rationality, has not led, as some anticipated, to the obsolescence of religion. Religion continues to thrive throughout most of the world, while worldviews that disregard religion, some of which have utopian aspirations, have fallen far short of their ideals.   weiter...


World Interfaith Harmony Week
Annual UN Observance Week: Feb. 1-7. UPF Austria celebrated the World Interfaith Harmony Week for several years in the Vienna International Centre (United Nations).   weiter...

2017: Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Conflict Zones - The Role of Religions

2016: Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Syria and the Middle East - The Role of Religions

2015: The Importance of Interfaith Cooperation for Securing Peace in the 21st Century

2014: The Role of Religions in promoting a Culture of Peace


Generalversammlung 2018 (Freitag, 26. Jänner 2018 18:00, Seidengasse 28, 1070 Wien)

Mitgliedschaft bei der "Föderation für Weltfrieden"
Unsere Föderation ist als gemeinnütziger Verein konstituiert, der sich durch die Beiträge der Mitglieder sowie durch Spenden finanziert. Sie können Ihr Interesse an unseren Aktivitäten dadurch bekunden, dass Sie Mitglied unseres Vereins werden.   weiter...


Be a global citizen - act with passion and compassion
Vienna, 3 January 2018 - Ban Ki-moon (UN Secretary-General from 2007 - 2016) and Dr. Heinz Fischer (President of Austria from 2004 - 2016) inaugurated the "Ban Ki-Moon Centre for Global Citizens" in Vienna at the Federal Chancellery of Austria invitated by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.   weiter...


UPF in Austria - Activities in 2017 and Perspectives for 2018
Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung im vergangenen Jahr. Der Vorstand der UPF-Austria wünscht Ihnen und Ihrer Familie Gesundheit, Glück und Erfolg im Jahr 2018!   weiter...


Interreligiöse Feier zum Fest des Friedens - Weihnachten
Die "Föderation für Weltfrieden - UPF Austria" lud am 17. Dezember 2017 gemeinsam mit der Familienföderation und der Frauenföderation zu einer interreligiösen Feier ein. Die musikalische Umrahmung wurde vom Vienna Peace Choir gestaltet.   weiter...


EU-Parliament: "Radicalization and Violent Extremism: Focus on Prevention"
Concluding a series of inaugural meetings of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace in Europe in 2017, a conference was organized by the Universal Peace Federation at the European Parliament in Brussels on December 5th 2017. With the perspective that the sustainable prevention of radicalization requires joint efforts from both parliamentarians and religious leaders.   weiter...


Musikalische Grüße von Moskau nach Wien
UPF Austria lud am 19. November 2017 zu einem musikalischen Nachmittag ein, der von Elena Rozanova, einer in Wien lebenden russischen Geigerin und Olga Kiseleva, Präsidentin von "Artix-Fest", organisiert wurde.   weiter...


Interreligious Conference Stresses Religion's Peacebuilding Role
Seoul, Korea, Nov. 11-13 2017 - The Conference, a joint effort of UPF and the American Clergy Leadership Conference, focused on "The Responsibility of Religion and Faith-Based Organizations in Building Peaceful and Prosperous Societies." On Nov. 11th participants traveled to the Seoul World Cup Stadium, where the keynote speaker was UPF co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.   weiter...

Global Rally for the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula


Beyond Refugee Crisis and Human Trafficking, Perspectives for the Youth in the Horn of Africa with a special Focus on Eritrea
Vienna, November 3rd 2017: UPF Austria in cooperation with the Permanent Mission of Eritrea at the United Nations in Vienna, the United Nation Correspondents Association and the "Horn of Africa"-Peace Initiative organized a panel discussion.   weiter...


Seiko Lee Benefizkonzert für Syrische Flüchtlingsfamilien
Am 21. Oktober 2017 fand in der Syrisch-orthodoxen Kirche am Stefan-Fadinger-Platz in Wien ein Benefizkonzert für syrische Flüchtlingsfamilien statt. Die Sopranistin Seiko Lee sang klassische Lieder wie "Ave Maria" und "O Mio babbino caro". Einen Höhepunkt des Konzerts bildeten 3 Stücke aus der Friedenskantate Halelu, komponiert und auch selbst dirigiert von Dr. David Eaton, Dirigent eines New Yorker Symphonieorchesters.    weiter...


Peace Road Austria 2017
UPF OÖ beteiligte sich am 30. Sept. 2017 am weltweiten Projekt Peace Road mit einer Radtour vom Friedensdenkmal in St. Ulrich hinein ins Ennstal, über Ternberg bis zur Friedensbrücke vor dem Forstmuseum in Reichraming.   weiter...


Die Schönheiten Tschechiens in 3D
(Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2017, 19:00 Uhr, Seidengasse 28, 1070 Wien) 1. Teil: Vortrag von Günther Gerlich - 3D Brillen werden zur Verfügung gestellt. 2. Teil: Präsentation des Kurortes Luhacovice, der aufgrund seiner Mineralquellen und günstigen Klimabedingungen als bedeutendster und ältester Kurort Mährens gilt.   weiter...


Gegen Atomwaffen: Friedensnobelpreis an ICAN-Kampagne
Die Internationale Kampagne für die Abschaffung von Atomwaffen (ICAN) wird mit dem Friedensnobelpreis 2017 ausgezeichnet. Die Organisation erhalte die Auszeichnung für "ihre Arbeit, Aufmerksamkeit auf die katastrophalen Konsequenzen von Atomwaffen zu lenken", gab das Nobelkomitee in Oslo bekannt.    weiter...


Culture and Peace in the Balkans: The Role of Parliamentarians
On September 23-24, 2017 the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace was launched in the Balkans in Pristina, Kosovo. The main event was held in a hall at the Kosovo Parliament Building. The conference was attended by highly respected leaders in the Balkans: former President Moisiu of Albania, former President Mesic of Croatia, former President Sejdju of Kosovo and Macedonian Speaker of the Parliament Talat Xhaferi.    weiter...


Perspectives for Sustainable Peace in Europe: The UN Vision, the Role of Parliamentarians and Civil Society
Vienna International Centre (United Nations), September 15th 2017 - The Universal Peace Federation and partnering organizations convened a conference commemorating the United Nations International Day of Peace with a special focus on researching the role, which parliamentarians are able to play in securing peace for Europe and its wider neighborhood. Parliamentarians from Italy, Ukraine and the Czech Republik as well as parliamentarians from all political parties represented in the Austrian Parliament presented their perspectives on sustainable peace in Europe.   weiter...

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