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Peace Road Austria 2020
Im Gedenken an den Todesmarsch ungarischer Juden im Jahre 1945: Rechnitz - Fürstenfeld - Graz - Präbichl - Reichraming/Ennstal - Mauthausen (21.-26. Oktober 2020).   weiter...

Abschluss in Mauthausen

Mein Weg durch die Hölle


Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations Webinar Looks at Organized Crime on an International Level
Vienna, Austria - On October 15, 2020, the Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations held a web conference titled "Social Harm of Organized Crime on Communities." The conference had 82 attendees from 22 countries. UPF is a founding partner and member of the Coalition. Dr. Michael Platzer (Co-chair, Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations), moderator for the panel, explained that the webinar is a hybrid/in-person format due to Covid-19, and that it is being held as a side event to a major program organized by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Austria.   weiter...


UPF Supports Sudanese Peace Initiative and Juba Peace Agreement
Juba, South Sudan - The Juba Peace Agreement, an historic peace initiative between Sudan's transitional government and several rebel groups, was signed on October 3, 2020, aimed at ending years of war in which hundreds of thousands have died. The Juba Peace Agreement has been hailed by various world leaders as a plus for regional and global stability. The signing was witnessed by over 10,000 local residents and guests. Speakers and well-wishers described the event as "historical," "an example for the world to follow," and an "African solution by African leaders."    weiter...


The Second "One Million Rally of Hope" Inspires Millions around the World
Seoul, Korea - The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) concluded its second Rally of Hope on Sunday, September 27, 2020. The 3-hour event hosted 12 distinguished world leaders, along with first-class entertainment.    weiter...

Rally of Hope - Official Page


Peace Road 2020 - Connecting People for Peace
Moscow, Russia - A webinar on the theme "Peace Road 2020 - Connecting People for Peace" was held on August 31, 2020. More than 300 viewers from over 60 countries took part.   weiter...

Video Report


Interreligiöse Feier zum Internationalen Tag des Friedens
Die Universal Peace Federation Austria lud am 20. September 2020 gemeinsam mit der Familienföderation und der Frauenföderation zu einer Interreligiösen Feier zum "International Day of Peace" der UNO ein. Die jährliche UN-Generalversammlung beginn traditionell am dritten Dienstag im September. Am 21. September 1981, dem Tag der damaligen Vollversammlung, begründete die Generalversammlung den "International Day of Peace". Das Thema 2020 lautet "Gemeinsam den Frieden gestalten".   weiter...


Religious Pluralism in India
(Thursday, 24. September 2020, 18:30 Uhr, Seidengasse 28, 1070 Wien) Speaker: Dr. Sury Suryanarayanan. In the presentation, various religions in India from time immemorial will be talked about, both the indigenous religions and the ones which came from other areas. How, left to themselves, they had lived in an inclusive manner will be shown. Various examples running up to the current time will also be presented.    weiter...


Africa, Europe & Middle East Dialogue - Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values
On the foundation of the successful World Summit 2020 convened in Seoul in February of this year, the Universal Peace Federation convened its first virtual International Leadership Conference (ILC) on September 11-13, 2020 dedicated to the theme, "Opportunity and Hope at a Time of Global Crisis: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values".    weiter...


Peace Road Event connecting Austria and Slovenia
This year's Peace Road in the regional triangle of Austria, Slovenia and Italy marked a remarkable step forward by connecting the two neighbouring regions. From the historical perspective the two regions have been one country during the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy but became divided after WWI. A bitter dispute aroused concerning territory as well as Slavic and German ethnicity.    weiter...


Humane Treatment of Presently Incarcerated People
On August 12, 2020 the Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations held a web conference titled "Humane Treatment of Presently Incarcerated People." Many people who are incarcerated have not been convicted of a crime. Unsentenced incarcerated persons comprise about half the prison population in the countries with the most severe overcrowding. Conditions in many places of detention are unhygienic and inhumane. Rarely do the facilities provide opportunities for re-entry or even maintenance of family connections.   weiter...


Rally of Hope Inspires Millions of Internet and TV Viewers with Its Novel Vision During a Novel Virus
Seoul, Korea, August 9th 2020 - More than 1 Million joined in! World Leaders pointed the way forward beyond global challenges including Covid-19, race relations, environmental problems and global economic turndown. Speakers included former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and H.E. Macky Sall, President of Senegal. UPF Co-Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han offered a special keynote message of hope to humanity.   weiter...

Online Rally Calling for Peace, Reconciliation and Mutual Prosperity


The Western Balkans: Facing up to Historical Challenges and Seizing Looming Opportunities
A "Peace Talks" webinar was held on 30 July 2020, organized by UPF Europe and the Middle East and the International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP). Speakers: H.E. Alfred Moisiu, President (2002-2007), Albania - H.E. Filip Vujanovic, President (2003-2018), Montenegro - H.E. Natasa Micic, President (2002-2004), Serbia - H.E. Fatmir Sejdiu, President (2006-2010), Kosovo.   weiter...


The Spring of Ethiopia - Peace and Development in the Horn of Africa
UPF-Austria, Vienna - July 14th 2020: Lecture by Professor Mohamed Hassan, based near Brussels, a political advisor and a professor of history and economic affairs. He comes from the Somali region in Ethiopia and has been and has been recently visiting several regions of Ethiopia such as Oromia, Amhara and Somali Region (Ogaden).    weiter...


Is there a Future for the European Union and the Rules-Based Global Order?
The Webinar was hosted by the International Summit Council for Peace. Panelists: Romano ProdiRomano Prodi, Jose Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy. Both the rules-based world order established after WWII and the EU system of close intergovernmental cooperation and integration are under such severe strain as to cast doubt on their future viability. In both cases increasing preoccupation with national self-interest, as against willingness to cooperate together for the common good, would appear to be the key destabilizing factor.   weiter...

UPF International - Peace Talks
The Leadership of Women in Times of Crisis - Searching for Peace in our Cities: A Conversation about Race, Justice, Solidarity and Peace - USA, China and International Relations in the Post-Covid Era: Cold War or Rapprochement? - Challenges and Prospects for Peace in the Holy Land etc.   weiter...


Russian Journalist Urges Return to Universal Values
St. Petersburg, Russia - UPF took the first step in establishing the International Media Association for Peace (IMAP) in Russia, inviting a legendary journalism professional, Lyudmila Fomicheva, to be interviewed online. IMAP, a project of UPF, was given an international inauguration in February 2020 during the World Summit in Seoul, Korea.   weiter...


Faith for Earth: Climate Change and Environmental Justice
Vienna, Austria - The Coalition of Faith Based Organizations, a partner organization of UPF, hosted a June 4th webinar on Faith for Earth: Climate Change and Environmental Justice, held in cooperation with KAICIID Dialogue Centre, UN Environment Programme and UN Office on Drugs and Crime. Participants addressed pressing environmental issues related to the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.   weiter...


UPF-Italy's "Peace Talks" - Political Cooperation Deemed Necessary
Rome, Italy - Current and former senators and academics discussed the need to work together to solve the current world crises. UPF Italy convened a conference on "Political Cooperation and Good Governance: Essential for Social Cohesion and Recovery" on June 18, 2020 involving 100 participants.    weiter...


Online-Conference "Reflecting on 75 years since WWII - Towards a vision for Global Peace & Development Post-Covid-19"
The "Peace Talk" organized by UPF Europe/Middle East focused on "Reflecting on 75 years since WWII: Towards a vision for Global Peace & Development Post Covid-19" took place on May 26, 2020.   weiter...

A Circle of Light: Statement by Dr. Thomas Walsh, Chairman of the Universal Peace Federation
There is no "business as usual." The global economy, the global balances of power, and the very process of globalization are all shifting in ways that defy reliable projections in terms of outcomes, or visions of what kind of world we will "return to" post-coronavirus.   weiter...


UPF Africa organized an Online-Conference "Creating an interdependent and prosperous Africa"
The Africa Day celebration is always an opportunity to reflect on the African Union's transformation and achievements and also to renew commitments to realize the future Africa Agenda. UPF has been an active supporter of Africa Day for the past 8 years, hosting events in New York in partnership with the Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union at the United Nations.   weiter...

Africa Day 2020 - UPF Switzerland


Israel's Faith Leaders pray during Pandemic
Haifa, Israel - Leaders representing four main religions met to pray for the healing of the world from coronavirus. Responding to calls by Pope Francis and Sheik Tantawi from Azahar University of Cairo for prayers, dedications and fasting in this time of the worldwide pandemic, the Israeli chapter of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development invited religious leaders to a special prayer at Haifa's Louis Promenade.   weiter...


Internationaler Tag der Familie - offizieller Gedenktag der UNO
(Zoom Online-Konferenz am 14. Mai 2020) 1993 wurde der Internationale Tag der Familie durch das Dokument RES/47/237 in der UNO-Generalversammlung beschlossen und 1994 zum ersten Mal gefeiert. Seit 1996 gibt es jedes Jahr ein anderes Motto, das vom UNO-Generalsekretär und von der Division for Social Policy and Development bestimmt wird.   weiter...

Video von der Konferenz


Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations holds First Webinar
UPF International, New York - The first program for the Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations' Spirituality and Justice Initiative webinar series, on the topic "Faith-Based Organizations, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice: Addressing the Urgent Challenges of Our Time," had over 120 participants from 24 countries. Opening remarks, introducing the mission of the Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations, were given by Dr. Thomas Walsh and Dr. Michael Platzer (co-chairs, Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations).    weiter...


Reflektion über den World Peace Summit 2020 in Korea - Ausblick auf eine Welt nach "Corona"
(Zoom Online-Konferenz am Donnerstag, den 9. April 2020 von 16:00 - 18:00 Uhr) Sprecher/in: Dr. Afsar Rathor, Projektmanager in UNO-Organisationen und Dr. Ilse Ennsfellner, Consulting in den Bereichen Qualitätsmanagement, Prozessmanagement, Projektmanagement, Beratungskompetenz, WirtschaftsMediation.   weiter...


UPF Europe Newsletter with a special focus on World Summit 2020
From February 3-8 2020 former and current heads of state, parliamentarians, religious leaders, media professionals, academics and businesspeople gathered for an intense five-day program involving conferences, academic symposia, a youth rally, top-class artistic performances and a lot of networking. The summit coincided with the celebration of UPF co-founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon's 100th birthday. For his wife, UPF co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, it was the culmination of a seven-year course since the passing of her husband, during which she has endeavored to carry forward his vision for world peace.   weiter...


Sunhak Peace Prize Recognizes Leading Peacemakers: Ban Ki-Moon, Senegal President Macky Sall and Bishop Munib A. Younan
Seoul, Korea - The 2020 Sunhak Peace Prize award ceremony was held in a grand manner during the World Summit 2020 General Assembly. UPF co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and Sunhak Peace Prize Committee Chair Dr. Il-shik Hong each awarded a medal and plaque, as well as a monetary prize, to the laureates. The ceremony, which was held on February 5 in the main hall of the KINTEX Center outside Seoul, was attended by more than 5000 people, including former and current heads of state and representatives from various governmental, academic, media and religious organizations worldwide.   weiter...


Interreligiöses Frühstückstreffen
Die "Föderation für Weltfrieden" lud am 7. März 2020 gemeinsam mit der "Familienföderation für Weltfrieden" zu einem Interreligiösen Frühstück ein. Nach einem gemeinsamen Frühstück begrü&szlte Peter Haider, Präsident der UPF Austria die ca. 50 Gäste. Mag. Victoria Lobas berichtete über ihre Eindrücke von der heurigen Veranstaltung in der UNO zur "World Interfaith Harmony Week". Nachher sprachen mehrere Teilnehmer des "UPF World Summit 2020 in Korea" über ihre Erlebnisse bei den dortigen Veranstaltungen.    weiter...


The Universal Peace Federation convenes Spectacular World Summit 2020
Seoul, Korea - The World Summit 2020 Assembly took place February 3-8, 2020 in Seoul, Korea. The summit was aimed at addressing critical challenges facing humanity, from climate change to poverty and conflict, bringing together a wide range of experts and stakeholders to deliberate collaboratively, offering insights and recommendations that contribute to building a world of lasting peace. More than 6000 delegates representing 170 countries attended the opening session, including former and current heads of state and government, former and current lawmakers, ministers, religious leaders, journalists, businesspeople, women and youth leaders, Nobel laureates and scholars.   weiter...

World Summit 2020 Participants share Reflections

Academics at Summit Conference Launch Peace Association


World Interfaith Harmony Week - Faith Based Organizations and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
UPF Austria, Vienna International Centre (United Nations), January 31st 2020 - Following up on conferences of the Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations in Vienna, New York and San Francisco and supported by UNODC, UPF, Growth4Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace, UNCAV and Youth&Students for Peace organized a conference in commemoration of the World Interfaith Harmony Week.   weiter...

Short film about the conference


Kultur als Botschaft des Friedens
Am 25. Januar 2020 lud UPF Austria zu einem Kulturabend im Rahmen des Festivals "Zauber von Wien" ein. Mehr als 60 Kinder aus der im Ural gelegenen russischen Stadt Tscheljabinsk präsentierten traditionelle Tänze, Musik, Folklore und Gesang.   weiter...

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The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) was founded in the hope of building a world in which peoples, cultures, races, religions, and nationalities could live together in harmony, mutual respect, cooperation, and universal prosperity.

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